“Dreams give your life a direction, a sense of purpose. Follow your dream,” motivational speakers passionately expound from the stage.

“Live your dreams, ” they declare.

Nice sentiments, but they lack substance.

How do you know what is a dream and if, indeed, it is the right dream for you at this point in your life?

In her signature talk Finding Your True Dream, The North Star for Your Life, Glenda Watson Hyatt uses storytelling and her sense of humour to share a process for identifying your dream, the North Star for your life’s journey.

After experiencing Glenda speak, you will:

  • Know how to identify your true dream
  • Discover how taking small actions will make an impact on following your North Star
  • Be reassured that accomplishing a large goal can leave you feeling lost and how to overcome that
  • Realize that doing whatever it takes to fulfill your dream will be powerful and empowering

Glenda Watson HyattAuthor, motivational speaker and badass agitator Glenda Watson Hyatt inspires people who are silently screaming “There’s more to me!” and, yet, they are unsure in which direction to go to move forward. Using an iPad text-to-speech app to accommodate her significant speech impairment, she motivates audiences to identify their dream and to take action.

Watch this clip from the ISAAC 2016 Conference and listen to how the audience reacts:

“Glenda Watson Hyatt weaves together all the important elements of storytelling and public speaking: timing, poise, humor, clarity and personality. Delivered with intellect and insight, Glenda’s presentations inform and inspire audiences to aim high for personal attainment. To hear Glenda speak is to celebrate with her the social, spiritual, and creative passions that together define us—and motivate us—as partners in humanity.

~ Bruce Helmbold

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